A pot of tea at Florian.

Spent a wonderful evening to have a cup of coffee and slice of italian's most famous dessert : tiramisu at Florian's Tea Room. Recommended by a friend of mine, Maria, so there we went (four of us). :) 

"Piazza San Marco was once described as the drawing room of Europe, and when you're sitting in Florian's elegant rooms with their frescoes, mirrors and chandeliers, being served tea from monogrammed silver teapots its easy to see what was meant by that. Florian's is expensive, yes, but when you know that you're sitting in a cafe frequented by Byron, John Ruskin and Rousseau and listening to the beautiful orchestra, eating delicious cakes delivered with five star service, it's certainly worth it."

What's even better is, we sat there along with a bunch of local with victorian costumed, so we were like taking back through those ancient ages. :) 

 my tiramisu cake

 nastya's ricotta cake

 sandi's chocolate souffle

 sergio's triple chocolate mousse

 my bicerin chocolate and coffee drink

Below, are some pics from the carnivale. I shud go there with a costume next festival!  :)

All pictures Copyright ©Winnie Iskandar


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