Ciao Bella !

Last week I had dinner at Ocha & Bella. First time heard the name, i thought the interior will be sort of a mix of Japan and Italian Style but i wasn't impressed with it. There's nothing special except the outdoor swing-chair and the "ocha bella" lamp as their signature.


Outfit of the day. creme satin jumpsuit. aaand i took some picture of the food.

this is the baked eggplant bacon and cheese.

the only food i recommend, their speciality steak which i forgot the name.

above two are unrecommended.

assorted sorbet.

statement necklace from HnM. creme jumpsuit from Elizabeth and James.

assorted ring. peacock from Topshop. the red one is my mom's. double bird ring from HK.

Ciao Bella !


  1. I've followed you on chictopia long time ago and I'm glad I stumbled upon your blog again! I immediately followed you now, and bookmarked so I won't forget anymore! Hihi. I love the layout and the song and I definitely love your posts! -Joyce
    hope you could take a look around my humble blog :)


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