VS 2010 - 2011

Just watched VS Fashion Show, it's a bit late posting this but i want to share with those who haven't watch this. Thank to my sist for downloading and ask me to watch it zillion times. Just approx. 3 days ago i finally did it. LOL and u know what? it's addictive! i watched the previous season too, i think it's more exciting than ANTM  :)

The best part is when Akon open the Heavenly Bodies Theme, and also i fell in love with the Pink Theme.

FYI this year the had 6 themes.

Firts, Tough Love, full of sexy rock chics

Game On !


Country Girls , plaid laces and floral


 Heavenly Bodies - the best part best wings and best song :)

Wild Things

Pink - full of rainbow bubbles pastel

my fave !



  1. nice post! Victoria's secret models always look stunning...


  2. so stunning!! Really love it :)) anyway I am following now, I just found u in LB, and u are amazing!!


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